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My Service - Cross Cultural Sutdy - Subjects - Mental illness - Cry for help - Right to die - Religion - Moral Evil - Electoral Polistics

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Not so long ago, a Los Angeles celebrity known as “Paris Hilton” became suicidal. She remained so while in a Los Angeles jail. Her cell became a “suicide watch” sheriff’s deputies. A wealthy woman with life’s most sought after benefits came to suicide as a way out of her isolation and fear. What’s it like for so many others with suicidal ideas?

This essay tells about attitudes toward suicide in two cities. One in Canada, Windsor, the other in Los Angeles, California, show similarities and differences.

In Canada, suicide occurs at a greater rate than in the United States. A study of Windsor compared to a similar study in Los Angeles, California showed interesting differences. It also showed a lot of similarities. Windsor people said mental illness leads to suicide. They also said that “Cry for help” became important. Another difference came from a Right to die attitude. They thought less of religion and moral evil as a cause of suicide. Los Angeles’ people were not in agreement with these Windsor people.

In the last two decades many countries reported on suicide rates. The following countries reported higher suicide rates:
Great Britain,
United States,
West Germany

Cross Cultural

Not many suicide studies use a cross-cultural approach. So this one does. It’s important to look to other countries, other cultures. This way we have comparisons with a different perspective. We learn more.


Windsor people numbered 40 males and 63 females. Adults, all had jobs. They seemed to have “normal” physical and psycholgially normal lives. They came from different occupations. We know that occupations play a big part in suicide. Like more dentists commit suicide than cooks. These people were also between 18 and 67. This helps because using the same age people causes numbers to lump together, statistically.


In our Los Angeles group, 40 male and 63 female looked like the Windsor group’s jobs and ages. They too seemed to function OK. All were white and native born. Now, the Los Angels group had more ethnic
All people were asked if they agreed or strongly disagreed with this questionnaire’s questions. Here I list same questions:

  • Mental illness, considering the attitude that suicide and mental illness are related;
  • Cry for help, that suicide represents a cry for help rather than a wish to end one's life;
  • Right to die, the attitude that individuals do or do not have the right to terminate their own life;
  • Religion, that suicide reflects the lack of religious values;
    Impulsivity, whether suicide is an impulsive or planned act;
  • Normality, that suicide is basically a normal action;
  • Aggression, that suicide reflects aggression and anger towards others;
  • Moral evil, that suicide is a morally reprehensible action.

Windsor people showed that these ideas play a more important part in suicide:

  • Suicide acts show mental illness;
  • Suicide acts show a cry for help;
  • Suicide is an individual right;
  • Suicide shows less concern with religious beliefs and values;
  • Suicide shows less of a moral transgression.

Mental illness

So Windor people think suicide shows mental illness. In Los Angeles people show less belief in suicide as a mental illness. Here’s an example of a question: People who set themselves on fire to call attention to a political or religious issue are mentally unbalanced. Windsor people belive so more often. Los Angeles people do not believe so as often.

Cry for help

Windsor people saw a “Cry for help” as a reason for suicide more often then did Los Angeles people.


Right to die

Windsor people agreed more that an individual has a right to die if they choose. They also showed that they did not like to talk about it. Few of these people agreed that suicide clinics for taking one’s life should exist. Los Angeles people agreed, no suicide clinics.


The Windsor people thought that suicide violated religion less often than Los Angeles people. respondents obtained a significantly lower mean on the Religion scale.
Fewer Windsor people believed this question: Most people who commit suicide do not believe in God. The same attitude for this question arose: People who attempt suicide are, as a group, less religious.

Moral evil

A smaller number of Windsor people agreed with this statement: In general, suicide is an evil act not to be condoned.

Electoral Polisitcs

I'm told that there's a "marine suicide epidemic" in San Diego County, California. Because of cronyism I don't clean often in San Diego County. In fact, I really don't very often anywhere. I do receive calls from around the country for suicdie cleanup quotes, though.

With our economy on the blink, with the Republicans and Obama ganbling with medicade, social security, and public education, it's no wonder people say, "suicide is on the rise." Looking at the homeowner's defaults, no wonder. I suppose defaults have something to do with President Bush, self-proclaimed "homeowner president."


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My name is Eddie Evans and I'm mostly known as a crime scene cleanup company practitioner. I own Biosafe and have cleaned throughout the United States as a self-employed owner practitioner, which explain my low prices. I am also known as a white-collar crime fighter because I fight crime in our corner and administrator departments. This crime I speak of occurs when coroner and administration employees direct families of homicide and suicide victims to corrupt crime scene cleanup companies throughout Los Angeles County.

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